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Little Orton \!/ the Barn

Little Orton Hoggett and his 10 Cent Wings 
played the barn last night.  It was a great 
show to say the least.  Chase and Good Guy 
Eddie opened for a small, but appreciative, 
crowd.  The openers were good.  Especially 
Good Guy Eddie (for those that don't know 
or don't remember, that's the 4 guys from 
strawberry sans Deirdre) who went against 
the norm and had Deirdre join in their set 
for most of the songs.  Most of the songs 
were written when Pat and Scott were like 15 
or 16, but they were still pretty damn good. 
The highlight was the song "aliens" sung by 

Little Orton graced the stage and played for 
over an hour...and I gotta say, all the kids 
at the show fell into that whole PEI country 
loving stereotype very nicely.  Little 
Orton came out and danced with the crowd 
upon request and he also did a lot of rock 
poses on the "dance floor" since he could 
(like I am sure he can do in no other venue) 
walk right off the stage.  It was great.  
Everyone there loved it.  Sloannet's own Rod 
Affleck was there...and so was Karen who had 
ust left PEI to go home to moncton -- oh the 
devotion to CIMN shows she has.

By the way, this show was on Friday 
night...not thursday, for those that might 
have been confused =)