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Sloan apperance on RealTime

Hey kids, new news on that group Sloan:

Sloan will be in the CBC Vancouver's Studio #2 next week, 
blowing the roof of the dump, some where between 7-9pm (May 
4th).  Details are a little sketchy, but apparently, 
it'll be live and interactive.  Call in then \!/ 
1.800.563.2328, or e-mail questions to the good people \!/ 
realime anytime up till (and during) their appearence at 

Also, Johnette Napolitano will be dropping by.  She's the 
lead singer of Pretty and Twisted, and was the former of 
Concrete Blonde.

And, the Foo Fighters will be the RealTime Hot Ticket Live 
Concert Feature.

All next week on RealTime,
Radio with more stars than the big dipper.

RealTrist on #realtime,
Tristan Winch