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elevator to hell etc update

a few people have been asking about elevator to hell...i got a letter
today from their bassist, tara white, and she says the new full length
album will be out in august and they are considering touring all the way
to western canada in september. she mentioned that orange glass might be
coming out in june, but i'll let ron continue to update the list on OG
plans. tara's new solo music will be available right away, she said the
tape will be out by june, as well. for people who are interested in
getting music from tara as well as the nifty "magical assortment of scary
show paraphenalia" catalogue, you can write to her at:

po box 1701
moncton, NB
E1C 5X9

you should write to her and rick anyway and just say hi. :)

according to this catalogue, the eric's trip "belong" 7'' (my all time
favorite single) is no longer available. i don't own a copy myself, but if
there is anyone who has an extra or knows of a place to buy one, (i know
this is hopeless, but you never know) please please tell me.

sitting dangerously close to a teetering pile of heavy library books,
tara (one of many)

ps/ joe chan rocks the boat.

Joe Chan is the big boss of alternative music.