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Re: coincidence?

oh look at me, facing a deadline and i still care enough about sloan to do
this. mike bell was right, i am pathetic.


On Thu, 25 Apr 1996, Natalie Lovesey wrote:
> Anyone ever notice this?....
> (from 'I am the Cancer')
> "So long, Alyson,
> I now know where you've been
> but I don't know where you're going
> There's security in knowing
> But I know some morning, without any warning,
> you'll be gone"
> And then, Alyson MacLeod leaves jale??? :)

i remember last year people were trying to dissect some of sloan's (mostly
murphy's, if i recall correctly) lyrics and figure out who was who in
them. that ear to the ground thing got everyone wondering "hey who the
heck is he talkin' about anyway?"

i was just wondering, did we ever figure out if chris was referring to his
sister alyson in this song? i always assumed it was, since ali lives in
edmonton, far away from halifax (or at least she did a year and a half
ago, i don't stalk family members of bands. except patrick pentland's
relatives but that's because they deserve it, right, tara dc? :)  )

ooh i'm so pretty,

Joe Chan is the big boss of alternative music.
.....and don't you forget it, motherfuckers!!!