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Re: coincidence?

> i was just wondering, did we ever figure out if chris was referring to his
> sister alyson in this song? i always assumed it was, since ali lives in
> edmonton, far away from halifax (or at least she did a year and a half
> ago, i don't stalk family members of bands. except patrick pentland's
> relatives but that's because they deserve it, right, tara dc? :)  )

Hmmmm, wow. I find this sort of thing to be really frightening- People
know too much about this band. Tara, I love you- This is not an attack. 
But, since we are still sorta on the subject to lyrics, has it ever 
occured to any of you that the "It's not the band I hate- it's the fans"
thing, may have been about *egad* themselves?.. Thats the way I took it, 
I don't know how much fun it would be, to be in that band, with people 
totally falling all over themselves to peck at you and kissy-kiss you.
Then again maybe that thing is really more fun than the music for than, 
but I think people should leave them alone for a while. BTW, who the  
hell cares what I think? Oh well they get to play with Stereolab so it 
can't be all that bad, does anyone remember if they actually played with 
the Nightblooms? omygoshtheyareluckyfux,