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Re: Sloan in TO...on a roof?!?!

> I'm quite certain that this was not a weird dream, but nobody else seems 
> to be able to verify that this actually did--or didn't occur.  
> Drifting in and out of an academic stupor
> Mike N.
> "don't for-get me when i'm gone" - a.frew
> "fo-hor heaven's sake" - b.adams
> "ahhh have luved you for so long" - a frew
> "its all i can take" - b. adams
> *HORNS!*

Two comments:  when I was young, I used to think Glass Tiger was better 
than, oh, acid wash jeans.  I was in love with Alan Frew 'for so 
long'...! And now, he sends  me mail.  How sweet.  No really,, we write, 
I met him last year at an acoustic gig at the HMV on Ste.Catherine in 
Montreal, and we've been in touch since.  I still think he's better than 
acid wash, anyday.

And second.... I have to ask.... (I lost the tape cover and my great '80s 
tape deck ate the tape so long ago I can't replace it anymore!)

....was that really Brian Adams????????

Oh, and for EC content.... I'm going to be coming home to Truro on 
Sunday, and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!