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Re: Madhat, anyone?

On 25 Apr 96 at 13:52, ms_moor\!/alcor.concordia.ca wrote:

}Does anyone know the whereabouts of Phil, Jord et al from Madhat?  They 
}*were* a band from Lunenburg Co., to the best of my knowledge.  I knew 
}them through a mutual friend in Chester Basin.  Are they still around?  
}Last time I saw them play was oh, at least a year ago.  Any comments?

Too bad you come home on Sunday.  Madhat will be playing a CD 
release gig Saturday at the Oasis.  Ask Waye about it, I believe 
it's a NO! release.

I'd love to go, but I have to see Li'l Orton Hoggett at the Bird, 
because if I don't I'm sure Matt Murphy will give up on his country 
sideline and I'll never get to see him play.