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Re: Sloan in TO...on a roof?!?!

Yeah, I remember Glass Tiger playing on the Zellers roof, but look at your
watch- it was like 4 years ago at most. Hmm, yeah, me and the Dace had this
idea waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Sloan thought of it. Cept we'd do a video on 
like the roof of some place downtown where nobody could hear us, and 
people wouldn't gather around, they would kinda look up and go, "like, 
whatever" and keep on truckin. I still think we might use that idea, so 
if I catch someone using it, I got a ruler here... and I'll bash your 
knuckles, I swear.
Where the streets have no name,

On Thu, 25 Apr 1996, waxing epidemic wrote:

> I think I might have mentionned this once before--forgive me if I have, 
> but when I was much younger I recall that "Glass Tiger" performed live on 
> the roof of the Zellers in the Bayer's Road Shoppiung Centre.  I remember 
> that the parking lot was full of kids adorned with too much eye-shadow, 
> hairspray and acid wash jeans.  
> Perhaps this is where they were first impressed by the "up on the roof" 
> motif.  Sure its been done by the beatles, U2, and likely any other band 
> that has been offered the opportunity, but Glass Tiger?!? I thought they 
> had more integrity.
> I'm quite certain that this was not a weird dream, but nobody else seems 
> to be able to verify that this actually did--or didn't occur.  
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