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et & og live at jockus barus, moncton

hey.  i just got back from moncton and the eric's trip/orange glass
ALTERNATIVE NIGHT feature at fat tuesday's.  great show, and loud of
course.  actually, i was surprised to hear o.g. at such an intense
deciblage.  i just caught the end of the birdland set last month but
this time, ronnie almost busted my incus and malleus (incii and
malleii i guess).  crazy stuff.  o.g. did stuff from the seven inches
and there was mention of a future one.  apparently they recorded today
(or yesterday) for a new one "someday in the future".  i love "wait a
day" and it sounded great on this night.  the soundman wasn't so hot
though, and i unfortunately missed a lot of ron's vocals, especially
at the beginning.  those soundmen, sometimes......don't you just feel
like you could do a better job.  like you could go over and fix
everything?  i'm sure i probly couldn't but i just get that feeling a
lot.  eric's trip played a nice 15-song set.  i heard the rumour is
that it was going to be an "oldies set" but that didn't turn out to be
so.  here was the scorecard (heather and adam weren't there, so i
actually GOT a set list)....
my room
sixteen hours
new love
near here
lightly feeling
spaceship opening
feeling around
alone and annoyed
so yeah, there were a few oldies in there, but not oldie oldies.
actually, i think i recognized every song.  you see, i'm not a real
classic hellion eric's trip fan by any means.  the only album that
i've really taken a liking to is the new one "purple blue".  i keep
trying to get into the old ones (kinda like i try to get into palace
bros. "there is nothing...." and pavement's "slanted" but i can't,
they suck) but i have only really found a handful of tunes that i
really like in the old recordings.  well, i guess it's not really
always the songs either, just the way they were recorded.  and you can
say that maybe i don't like or can't appreciate under-fidelitized
recordings but then i would just remind you that my favorite band is
guided by voices.  the show was really great overall, but i still
think fredericton was better (that's to cheer up the
heather-kat-adam-jim posse).  i don't know why.  i still got to sit
down right in front of the stage but that stupid railing that was
there made it feel like they were in a jail cell (or i was).
in other news, orange glass is coming to fredericton on friday may the
3rd (well, probly coming as soon as i confirm the venue) to play with
steaming toolie and space cadet (and maybe some band without a name
from some other east coast place?!?).  if you think you'd be
interested in making the trek, let me know and i'll tell you where it
is when i figure it out (by friday i'll know).
i bought the tara s'appart cassette and the stareoscopic scary show
tape too.  both are good.  i really like some of tara's stuff and the
background doodlings that accompany.  that spacey feeling that you get
from some of those moncton rick white recordings.  i haven't really
listened to the other tape all the way through yet enough to give an
opinion, but enough people have already done that anyway.
oh, sloan net t-shirts make you get noticed.  i found that out
tonight.  now i can be an indie rock child with the best of them.
rock on, jon