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Sloan in TO...on a roof?!?!

        Okay....colour me confused....Did I really see a posting about this
or was it just in my head...cuz if it's happenin' I'm there...

        Hey...here's my Kewl Sloan story......

I met Sloan at a concert at Fed hall last year..they were with the Local
Rabbits (who were kind enough to give us a ride home) and Hip Club Groove....
        Mr. Murphie phoned Tracy Stevens for me and my friends cuz we had
not seen or talked to him in quite some time....and he also gave us a name
for our band...Massey Stax....

                I've been told that he tried to get the Superfriendz to
chenge theie name to that while he drummed for them....TeeHee...to late anyhow!!

                                               Still searching for a new
                                                        Holden Stahl
       m         m  u       u  rrrrrrr  rrrrrrr      y       y
       mm       mm  u       u  r      r r      r     y       y 
       m m     m m  u       u  r rrr r  r rrr r       y    y
       m  m   m  m  u       u  r r      r r             yyy
       m   m m   m  u       u  r   r    r   r            y
       m    m    m   uuuuuuu u r     r  r     r          y ....  I tried