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musicwest + inbreds

sigh... i hate to ask, but, could someone please e-mail me privately and give me
the who, where, when etc. concerning musicwest?  I'm sure it's been posted
before, but I never payed much attention to musicwest posts because I wasn't
supposed to be in Vancouver in early may... but now i will be!  yay!  thanks!

also, what's the deal with the inbreds?  Every single 7' I've ever seen by them
contains ONLY songs from their albums (no never before heard b-sides or
nothin'!).  I recently received the inbreds/shermans 7' in the mail, expecting
it to contain some "new" songs.  Unfortunately, it didn't.  I now have three
original copies of "he never" plus two copies of matterhorn, tell the truth
and... you get the picture.  I guess it's my own fault but it drives me up the
wall and down again!