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Sloan & Jale

Sloan were Sassy's Feb. 93's cute band alert! Here's what it said:

"Sloan (above) is from that latest hotbed of co-opting, Halifax, Nova 
Scotia. Currently being colonized by Sub Pop, Nova Scotia has a happening 
music scene including lots os short-haired girl bands. It's the Olympia of 
Canada. (You heard it here first.) I get my information from Joyce Linehan, 
czarina of retail promotions at Sub Pop. Anyway, Sloan is the leader of that 
scene, and look how cute! Their little haircuts just kill me. I want to pat 
their tiny heads. Not to mention that their Geffen release _Smeared_ is an 
uplifting melange of melodic yet noisy guitar pop that leaves all of that 
dissonant grunge behind. Let those testosterone-laden grungesters rule the 
runways of Perry Ellis and the pages of Vogue, while we all move to the 
greener pastures of Halifax."

And, Jale were July 94's cute band alert. Here's what it said:

"Mike first saw jale in February 1993 when he was hanging in Nova Scotia at 
some convention of music scenesters. He told me I would love them, and when 
I saw them a few months later at CBGB's I was quite pleased. First of all, 
jale are four cute girls with immpecable dress sense. Second, they can sing 
and harmonize and everything, although at CB's I noticed a heavy dependence 
on reverb. Jale's sound is very pretty and poppy, with distorted guitar to 
keep them from sounding like Wilson Phillips. Their first album, 
_dreamcake_, is being released by Sub Pop this month. I noticed that their 
music has become less bouncy in the time since I saw them live, and I would 
say that is a move in the right direction."