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Long message - mucheast/rabbits/les amis du sloan 411

i'm trying to get it all into one message....*gasp*.....

what the hecky thump is up with mucheast? i couldn't find it anywhere on
muchmusic the last two weeks and then this week it wasn't on at 7 or 11 so
i figured mr. campbell is on a break. but now i hear mucheast ran at a
different time and i foolishly missed an episode featuring eric's trip and
l'il orton hoggett, amongst others. grrrr. i don't watch a tonne of
muchmusic, but i heard sook yin lee talking about the wedge moving to a
new time...is that the story with mucheast? france from subpop and i are
both looking for copies of this show, by the way.

also, has anyone heard the local rabbits version of "silicone teens" on
the _Ripcordz As Fuck_ compilation that enguarde released?

les amis du sloan update: tara da costa informs me she is mostly done the
zine that accompanies each cassette with all the band information and
stuff, but due to school related responsibilities, it's on hiatus for the
time being. the same can be said for the duplicating of volume I, i had to
spend the last month being semi-employed and finishing my BA, so it's not
quite done. we both thank you for your patience and understanding, and
they'll be ready soon enough. thanks to everybody who ordered their sloan
tribute tapes in advance so that we'll be able to copy more for a cheaper
price and if you're still wanting to get in on the action, here's the 411.

tara da costa and myself stupidly decided (i can't even remember why) to
put together these for fun only sloan tribute cassettes last spring and
we've been collecting submissions all year and trying to record the
cassettes and make a zine to go with it. we are sort of operating on our
own lame time schedule which often gets disrupted. anyway, it's 100% sloan
and murderecords approved, meaning they don't want to sue us :) and chris
murphy has even sent an early demo version of him singing "snowsuit sound"
for one of the tapes. if you would like more information, please email
tara or i privately, as everyone is probably sick of hearing about this
over and over again. :)  tara is at bi629\!/freenet.carleton.ca and i am
here, pal. make sure if you're in one of the bands that you've sent
bio-related material to tara. if you want a list of who's on these tapes
or how to order them, private email, please.


ps/ this is not related to the list but if there is ANYONE in vancouver
who can help me out, i'd be so grateful. four sloan fans from alberta,
three of whom are on this list, are going to musicwest, but we don't have
places for everyone to sleep yet. if you can offer a space on the floor
and the use of a shower every once in a while and live around vancouver,
please please get back to me. brian the sweetheart wieser has offered a
place for one or two; even though i barely passed high school math, i know
that 2 plus nothing doesn't equal 4. :) we are all clean, friendly music
journalist/college radio/indie rock types. but don't hold that against us.

Joe Chan is the big boss of alternative music.