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Re: realtime?

At 05:45 PM 4/22/96 -0300, you wrote:
>dumb question, but here it goes- What is realtime?

Not dumb at all.  (Four months ago, I was on #realtime wondering what Sloan
Net was.)

RealTime is a radio show on the CBC Stereo network (102.7 fm in Halifax).
It's on \!/ 8:00pm ADT to 01:00pm ADT, on Saturdays, and is live to all of
Canada between the hours of 11:00pm ADT ==> 01:00pm ADT.

It is broadcast from Vancouver, where they take phone calls (1.800.563.2328
or 1.800.JOE.BEAT if you'd like a mneumonic device) and email
(realtime\!/cbcstereo.com).  It's broadcast for 8 hours; but is only heard in
5 hour chunks, which every time zone hears one of.

********        PDT     MDT     CDT     EDT     ADT     NFLD
Hour 1                                  07:00   08:00   08:30
Hour 2                          07:00   08:00   09:00   09:30
Hour 3                  0:00    08:00   09:00   10:00   10:30
Hour 4          07:00   08:00   09:00   10:00   11:00   11:30
Hour 5          08:00   09:00   10:00   11:00   12:00   12:30
Hour 6          09:00   10:00   11:00
Hour 7          10:00   11:00
Hour 8          11:00

Hours 3&8 are dedicated to what is called the RealTime Live Concert.
Hours 4&5 are live to the entire nation.

#realtime, to make a long explaination short: is the IRC channel on the
Undernet, that is active during most of the live show.  On occassion, the
host, Leora Kornfeld ("RealLK"), is on the IRC during the playing of music.
There are usually some elder #realtime'ers around to answer any questions
about the show, in !realtime!.  (These people are the channel-ops.)

The show is audible on the Internet by RealAudio (http://www.realaudio.com),
there are also some archived interview segments, as well as entire shows
(dating back several months).  These are accessable over the web
(http://realtime.cbcstereo.com), and if there are any other questions,
answers are available by e-mail (mailto:realtime\!/cbcstereo.com).

                                        Come on by on #realtime,
                                        Tristan Winch