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band questions (not a lot 'o e.c. content...don't hurt me)

 Happy earth day, kiddies :) 
   I'm curious about a couple bands and just know that all you keeners will
have answers for me...
  First of all - Scarce. All I hear is raves here, raves there, and my
sister even found a Sassy magazine from three years back (no laughing - I
was 14, and it's a hell of a lot better than YM) and lo and behold, Scarce
were in the "cute band alert" column (which of course made me want to run
right out and purchase one of their records ;)).  So what do they sound
like; what album would be good to buy...?
  Then there's Girl Afraid (they're from Ottawa, right... or am I nuts?) - I
got the _left hip_ tape and I really love their song... what have they
released,  and where could I possibly find their stuff?
                                   obviously midnight,

ps. On an e.c. note... ET were on mucheast last night (which for some reason
was being broadcast at 11pm Est, not 9) and they showed the video for "sun's
coming up", along w/ interview and concert footage.  Cool beans.

  "Expectations are high
   And so am I
   But I mean that figuratively speaking"