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Some EC content for y'all!

Hey out there...

I'm studying music in Montreal right now, but I'm actually from the teeny 
town of Truro, N.S.!  Which by the way, is the home of my dear old 
highschool chums HIP CLUB GROOVE, and yes, I am the girl who gave them 
their first newspaper interview!  It's a riot.  So if anybody can keep me 
up to date on the boys' latest activities, it would be great.  I haven't 
spoken to Corey et al since Christmas.  

And another note...

my darling boyfriend is part and parcel of the East Coast Music Scene, 
being the guitarist for the Tucker-d'Eon Band... some of you may have 
seen them play Natal Day or Canada Day etc.etc. in N.S.  They aren't very 
big at all, but they have been playing together since around 1989 or so, 
and there's a lot of talent in that band!  So if anybody is looking to 
pick up a talented addition to a band, I'd say check these guys out, not 
for content, but for talent, trust me.  Jordey Tucker (lead guitarist and 
vocalist) is off to St.F.X. at last count for next year, and Emile d'Eon 
(lead guitar and vocals) is looking for a place to stretch out... anybody 
interested?  Hmmmm?