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the night that cracker played halifax...

...there was this other gig, see.

an all-ages affair at the cafe ole.

three bands.

while the rest of halifax, or the bar crowd
at least, were over at behemothland, a few
of us filtered in for a much more low-key

it was my first chance to see the 
BLUE TILE LOUNGERS, who, as rod affleck puts 
it, may be the first halifax band to cross
the preppy relatives with the superfriendz.
accomplished guitar-bass-drums trio with
surf/indie-rock/brit-pop influences all
jumbled together in a tasty stew.  
tyler dewar is the guitarist/vocalist.
there's a name to take note of.

next up were the MOTES.  the motes must
be the only band around here with better
stage-prop ideas than the chinstraps.
they strung up white sheets and used
backlighting to project their silouettes.
and that was all we saw of them for
the whole set!  actually, you couldn't
see (drummer) jon hut's silouette at
all and at one point J joked that jon
wasn't going to play because of it.
otherwise, it worked perfectly -- 
their shadowy doubles looked totally

during their set they played lots of
songs that they don't normally do.
they started off with an *incredible*
version of "natural spectacle" from
the _secret air base_ ep.  i couldn't
believe how the song rocked.  then
they went on to "all four (required)
elements" and from there into this
new one that has a great melody
and ended way too soon.  then they
did "more ghosts" which song is the
crowning jewel of the _gesner_ cassette
and which they haven't done for a while.
then there was another really cool
new one, then a medley of "road song"
into this instrumental bit that may
have been improv'd, i'm not sure.
i forget what happened after that,
i seem to remember another new one
and maybe "desert song" but my memory
is foggy.  i'm so glad i got to see
them 'cause i'm going to be out of
town this saturday when they play the

the last band was BIG FISH EAT LITTLE FISH
from ottawa and they took me totally by
surprise.  i always expect younger bands
to be into punk or grunge or other styles
that are easy to play.  but these guys,
though obviously young, are *totally*
into the rheostatics, with smatterings
of wooden stars and gandharvas influence.
and they can play those difficult, wonky
arrangements!  it's really quite something.
i'm not saying that this band is yet in
the same league as the rheos or wooden 
stars but it's quite something to see a
young band challenging itself that way.


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