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more ec!

Hey, I saw Sandbox last year on New Years at the Palace (gawd, Mike would 
kill me for ever saying that publicly!!!) in Halifax, and I got hooked 
then and there.  They did some really cool covers, and (in case you don't 
know) their album Bionic is great.  But anyway, the news is that they 
have a mailing list kinda thing that is groovy. You get a newsletter, 
etc.etc. with contests and cool info in it.  I can't remember the address 
right now, but  if anybody is interested I can dig it up for you.  
They're from over New Glasgow way and they're worth checking out, 
especially  if you like Sloan.  They're under Mira Laufer Inc. now in 
T.O. I think.  Cheers!