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Just some more ec content.... no new bands, sorry!!!

Hey, for anybody interested in jazz...

(I know it's a little off the wall for this group, but hey.)

You might want to check out the Halifax DuMaurier Jazz Festival, usually 
mid to late July.  It happens for a rockin' week all over the city, and 
it's worth going to.  Live jazz all over, indoors and out.  Lots o' 
student gigs, usually at "The Wave" at Sackville Landing.  I'll probably 
be playing at Maxwell's Plum with the Goodspeed/Staples Group (winners of 
this year's ECMA for best jazz group!) so come on out!

And also, sponsored by Continuing Ed., the famous band camps at Acadia 
University this summer!  The Acadia Summer Jazz Camp followed by the 
Acadia Summer Concert Band Camp, two great weeks filled with music.  If 
you're interested in participating, I think the ages are roughly 12 to 18 
or so.  So get yer horns out and yer sticks and strings and come on out 
and make some noise!!!!!

By the way, can anybody tell me what the fate of dear old Maxwell's Plum 
is as of late?  I heard it was dropped.  Has anybody picked it up?