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Re: band questions (not a lot 'o e.c. content...don't hurt me)

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, Shanan/Lauren Kurtz wrote:

>   First of all - Scarce. All I hear is raves here, raves there, and my
> sister even found a Sassy magazine from three years back (no laughing - I
> was 14, and it's a hell of a lot better than YM) and lo and behold, Scarce
> were in the "cute band alert" column (which of course made me want to run
> right out and purchase one of their records ;)).  So what do they sound
> like; what album would be good to buy...?

joyce from scarce used to work for sassy, did she not? (katrina? it was 
one of those mags....) that would explain that, considering they only 
have an ep and a whole shitload of hard to find indie 7"s in north america.
look for the "red" ep...cd only, and incredible! cheap and easy to 
get...highly recommended!
they have a full-length out in europe right now called "deadsexy" which 
is getting released here in north america on july 30th with *5* new 
additions (5 older/bad versions of some stuff have been removed for 
release here) including yet *another* version of "all sideways", "cry me 
a river" which was a popular one at their shows, "rains of kansas" which 
is hauntingly beatuiful...at least it was live, "salvador sammy" and one 
more i've forgotten. i have the import version, and considering what's 
been removed and what's been added, i'm quite anxious!
this is a band that if you have some cash kicking around and feel like 
taking a chance on something new, you won't regret it! ask practically 
*anyone* who has seen them live!