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Re: the night that cracker played halifax...

> BLUE TILE LOUNGERS, who, as rod affleck puts 
> it, may be the first halifax band to cross
> the preppy relatives with the superfriendz.
> accomplished guitar-bass-drums trio with
> surf/indie-rock/brit-pop influences all
> jumbled together in a tasty stew.  
> tyler dewar is the guitarist/vocalist.
> there's a name to take note of.


Tyler Dewar????? I  haven't seen him since highschool!!!!  He and I were 
cool friends!!!  Does anybody know how to get in touch with him?

> next up were the MOTES.  the motes must
> be the only band around here with better
> stage-prop ideas than the chinstraps.
> they strung up white sheets and used
> backlighting to project their silouettes.
> and that was all we saw of them for
> the whole set!  actually, you couldn't
> see (drummer) jon hut's silouette at
> all and at one point J joked that jon
> wasn't going to play because of it.

And Jon Hutt????  Omigosh, lemme tell you all that Truro is turning out 
some incredible musicians..... a name to remember is Cobequid Educational 
Centre.  That's our highschool, music director Paul Barrett.  I'll tell 
you, first Hip Club Groove, then Tyler and Jon... has anybody heard hide 
or hair from a great guitarist named Craig Thibault????  There's a name 
to watch for.  He used to be found in the same crew as Tyler... old 
friends.  Anybody knowing about his whereabouts pleeeeease let me know!