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Re: transcript: SLOAN profile from *Ear To The Ground* CBC-

On 20 Apr 96 at 1:07, d_gamli\!/alcor.concordia.ca wrote:

}> AC/DC and Iron Maiden.  Andrew grew up in, uh, Dartmouth, which is, um,
}> it's on the other side of the bridge, and it's also sort of skiv, um,
}> high top sneakers, big tongues on your shoes, baseball hat up high, and
}what the heck is SCIV, anyways? Or am i just too much of a doofus to 
}figure it out myself? (Hey, i *have* been trying for a few years now!)

I was waiting for one of our Swedish listmembers to comment, since 
skiv seems to be so obviously a word of scandinavian origin.  But 
they haven't, so I checked the WWW for a slang dictionary.  None 
contained the word skiv.  The only decent references to the word 
Skiv I found in OpenText were the nickname of a member of a 
motorcycle club (!) and the filename of a Swedish guy's list of 
records.  So I checked a swedish-english dictionary 
(www.nada.kth.se/skolverket/swe-eng.html) and found:

skev: warped, askew, distorted


skiva: disk, record; also, a party.

So, draw your own conclusions about the origins and meaning of the 
word skiv.

Lexicographer Andrew

PS I think it's more likely a slush of derogatories like skid (row), 
scuzzy, and scummy.