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quickies... plumtree & l & t.c.

i know brandon hates these ontario concert reviews, but just for the 
benefit of those that think they're ok to post..

plumtree played at the cave (ottawa) yesterday afternoonie, and it felt 
like a really short set.. in addition to the _mass teen.._ songs, they 
played two new ones, "scott pilgrim" (possibly to be released as a single 
on PF records) being one of them.  i love that song :)  they tried to be 
rock stars during "the phone the phone", but it kinda fell apart.  oops.  
watch 'em on this sunday's "YTV Achievement Awards".  they'll be 
performing "tropical" in their chosen "wardrobe" (!?)

(why are sloan playing at noon in t.o. next month?  don't they know i go 
to school in waterloo???  i guess i'll have to skip the algebra lecture...)

len (are they still considered as e-c content?) & treble charger played 
barrymore's (ottawa) friday night.  i felt bad cuz i'm the oldie and 
could go when tara, jeremy, jayson, and annie are clearly the die-hard 
fans.  my first time seeing either group live (t.c. \!/ edgy f doesn't 
count cuz i don't remember anything from that day), and they were great, 
though i liked len a lot more.  played new stuff and radioblaster's 
"sketch" and "the bear necessities" and the laverne and shirley theme.  
woo!  but both groups still scare me.... (i swear, some of them looked 
like they wanted to beat me up...)

leavin' ottawa soon...

				...sizzle teen

p.s.  for those of you not in the know, me and Cat are cousins (hence our 
constant "eh, cuz?" references).
p.p.s  ya!! the pog mobile rawks!!!!!!!  that's when the sfz had style ;)

sizzle teen :)  cc501\!/torfree.net
"Don't give up on faking,
 pretending you're having fun"