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a little E.C. content mainly just zine and band promo

        There is this band review I did in my zine and I was going to give
away two tapes but only one person wrote to the guy to ask for it.  Anyways,
there is still one tape for the taking.  They are a good band called Cathy's
Experiment.  Some people say they sound like sloan but I say they sound more
like Stephanwolfe or Eric's Trip.  They have a two tapes out know so I guess
you can say you want more.  I've only heard the first one but Mike, the
guitarest, says the second one is a bit softer as they lost a guitarest.  If
you want it send six bucks (5 for tape, 1 for postage) to:

33 Harbour Hieghts Lane
St. Catherines, Ontario
L2N 4K4

If you are the first one he will send you your money back.  If you want to
be the first you can try phoning him at (1-905) 935-1461.  Say hi to him for me.

Talking about my zine I have not forgot about those wanting it.  I just
hated how it ended up last time so I hide it for a while.  I finally got it
out and am revising it.  If you want it please send a $ to:

State of Mind
c\o Jamie
R.R.#4 Glencoe
Ontario, Canada
N0L 1M0

Don't expect any thig to great out of it, it is just a small zine I do in my
spare time.  I should be finished it by the end of next week.  If you want
it please e-mail me so I know how many to make, thanks.  (people I said I'd
send it to before don't have to).

                        Death to the Campbells
                                        Jamie McDonald

Sorry about having No E.C. content but I warned you in the beginning

Oh, At Subpop if you fill out a survey there you could win a T-shirt if you
are the fiftith person filling it out.  (sorry I don't have the address)

Can someone please post some Bass Tabs and send me the murder records address.

Another last minute thing, do you know if Sloan is going to make it to
London when they tour?

That's all

Heather McDonald