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meeeOW!!! sloan! amongst other things

News, news, news....

next friday, ottawa's coolest band chickpea are playing at the birdland.
hopefully people will go to see this show. i've never seen them live but i
really like their cd on rightwide. also, for anyone who knows tara da
costa (the sweetest kid alive!), her boyfriend jeremy superstar gara is
drumming with christine at this show. go make him feel special, say hi,
buy him some rootbeers....hey, what happens to bands at the birdland when
they have underage members? are they allowed to wander or do they have to
stay in the rooms backstage (ick....)?

and i guess the cat's been confirmed as having been let out of the bag so
now i'll ask if anyone is planning on going to the sloan show on may 4. i
cannot express my sheer happiness, i have come *this* close to seeing
sloan in the last year and every time, they always played like a few days
after i left or they played a few hours before i arrived. not this time,
baby, we'll be there....(oh you can see this one coming from a mile
away)....with bells on......ugh.....i am lame.

the flakey girl,

ps/ thanks for posting lyrics. there are some of us who are just
too...something...to figure them out for ourselves. i don't know *why* but
i honestly can't figure out what people are singing. if anyone wants to
post lyrics for stuff, it would help out my singing along in the car
sessions a lot. :)

ps+/ speaking of lame....katrina and i are in those impact pictures and i
didn't even notice. ooh fame.

Joe Chan is the big boss of alternative music.