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show of woe


Melissa had posted earlier about a potential all-ages show featuring 

Eric's Trip
Orange Glass
the Ewoks

    It would indeed be euphoria, but unfortunately Melissa is all 
pouty now because it looks a little bleak.  Apparently Mr.X of the 
headliner isn't really into it.  This is what the rumour mill brought 
to us, anyway.  
    I consider this to be quite a travesty, since it could be the 
last show for eons for CIMN, let alone for all ages.  This bill could 
have been the gift o' the gods to put CIMN back on its feet again.  
Since c/c radio is what keeps many bands and labels afloat, one would 
think that there could be a little better support for one such 
faltering station.  
                self-gratuitious pleading follows...                   
If *only* a band of equal or greater stature and talent that could 
really bring in the kids that starts with S would be willing to grace 
the stage (albeit a wee one) of the Barn.  It ain't the MacKenzie 
theatre, but we don't have 800 bucks to pay the unionized staff up-

As one band-member has been recently re-quoted as saying:
        "Do one for the kids."

and if not for the kids, than for me.  sniff.  sniff.
and if not for me, than for pouty Messila.  pout.  pout.
and if not for PEI, before it sinks.
and if not for PEI, than for yourselves

thank you.
karen, the budding motivational speaker.