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SCARCE Update (fwd)

some may be interested in the latest on SCARCE? if you live near one of 
these cities, go check them out! you won't regret it!

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Subject: SCARCE Update

First of all, I apologize to all you 'kids' for the delay between updates.  I
could offer up a bunch of excuses, but the best one is that after a decade of
MAC, I switched to PC. 'Nuff said, now for the update.

NEW WEB ADDRESS:  http://www.netspace.org/scarce
Check it out.  It will keep you more updated than I ever could.  

DEADSEXY is finally ready to go.  It will be released July 30th on A&M.
 SCARCE toured for the month of February, then rerecorded "All Sideways" (and
finally nailed it!) and recorded 4 news songs at Pachyderm Studios in Canon
Falls, MN with Michael Barbiero.  To me, the record is now worlds better.  To
those of you who got the European import, sorry.  I am now so excited about
DEADSEXY.  It rocks as hard as they do live.  And speaking of live, here are
their upcoming dates:


17	Boston            Mamakin?s	  FNX show w/ Mercury Rev, Polara
18	Northampton    Iron Horse       Loud Music Festival	
19	NYC	        Westbeth Tht   Loud Music Festival	
24	Providence, RI  Lupo?s	   BRU show
26	New Haven, CT Toad?s Place	    support Buffalo Tom	

May  (all dates except the 10th are supporting The Grifters)

2 	Lexington, KY		House Of Heresy				
3 	Cincinatti, OH		Sudsy Malones		
4 	Columbus, OH		Staches			
5 	Cleveland Heights, OH 	Grog Shop		
6 	Pittsburg, PA		Lucianos Coffee House. 
7	Rochester, NY		Bug Jar			
8 	off
9 	Providence, RI 		Met Café		
10  	DC 			Wooten HS
11 	off
12 	Hoboken, NJ		Maxwell?s			

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Take care all.