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Re: My final word (if you've developed a distaste for me, please , don't read...)

I'm truly sorry to all who could care less about all of this, but I need 
to get a few things off my chest with regard to discussion which has 
digressed from it's original direction and merit.
> I'd like to make this point clear.  I'm not looking to change people's point
> of view.  I'm not going for the conversion.  I know that is an
> impossibility.  You ask why it's necessary to challenge people, well, it
> really isn't.  Unless of course said person is spreading an ignorant point
> of view.  The original poster had much to say about Asians in Rock, but
> didn't realize the racial putdown's contained within ("is it something about
> us that is uncool, or unhip and we just can't groove?").  I know that part
> of assimilation with western civilization means wanting to fit in.  Putting
> down your own race doesn't accomplish that.  
Hold it right there.  How did you get a racial put down from that?  I am 
proud to be a Canadian, and proud to be Japanese.  I was born and raised 
a Canadian, and I don't know any other way to be.  Okay, so my ancestry 
is Japanese, which would make me oriental, or Asian, if you would like.  
I was just trying to stimulate discussion.  Fine.  Argue why you think it 
is a racial put down, though I never meant it to be, you just didn't have 
to be so brazen about it.  And I was never "assimilated" into western 
civilization.  I am Canadian, don't you forget.  I look oriental cuz 
SURPRISE! my background is oriental!  Wow what a concept!  But really, is 
this what we were arguing about?  Do you really want it to become an all 
out cat fight?

So, shall we call it a truce?  You asked of it already, and I for one am 
willing to accept.  In fact, if you wish to continue discussing this 
topic privately, that would be most acceptable.

Once again, apologizes to the rest of Sloan net.

I would like to thank all who have given me insight into my posted 
messages concerning bass playing and Asians in bands (accolades to Lisa, 
Helen, Tara, Alex and Chris)  Oh, and Chris, I'm still interested in any 
info you can get a hold of.  Thanx.  :)

You may now return to your previously schedualed Sloannet program...

Cat  :)

p.s.  See cuz, there is a lot you miss out when you're not in town for a 
week!  Later....