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Re: transcript: SLOAN profile from *Ear To The Ground* CBC-TV

> AC/DC and Iron Maiden.  Andrew grew up in, uh, Dartmouth, which is, um,
> it's on the other side of the bridge, and it's also sort of skiv, um,
> high top sneakers, big tongues on your shoes, baseball hat up high, and

well this has been bugging me ever since seeing the ETtG Sloan episode...
and now maybe someone can give me an answer...

what the heck is SCIV, anyways? Or am i just too much of a doofus to 
figure it out myself? (Hey, i *have* been trying for a few years now!)

anyways...the transcript was fun to read, as i haven't watched my tape of 
the episode in awhile...i've played it so often that i almost can't 
make out what's being said anymore :(


(P.S. Tara Lee, Where are yoooouuu? haven't heard from you in 
awhile...what's up with the er..."january" ish of Joeyý ? :) )