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Re: Superfriends !!

> Drew, like 3/4 of the sfz, grew up in (gasp) Upper Canada.
Yeah, and I know where he lived and what high school he went to...  No, I 
didn't stalk him as a kid, but he did live in Etobicoke a suburb of 
Toronto (a place where I live when not attending university) and he 
attended Richview C.I.  (Hated rival school of Martingrove C.I., my high 
school).  When I talked to him about this at I think the gig they did 
last summer at the Elmo, he mentioned exactly where he lived and what 
primary school he went to but neither really stayed in my memory for 
long... Drew's parents live in Toronto still.  They seem nice (were at the 
above mentioned concert).  Too bad they still didn't have the POG mobile, 
eh Carol?

Later,  Cat  :)