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Re: meeeOW!!! sloan! amongst other things

At 01:22 PM 4/19/96 -0600, Tara Lee Wittchen wrote:
>and i guess the cat's been confirmed as having been let out of the bag so
>now i'll ask if anyone is planning on going to the sloan show on may 4. i
>cannot express my sheer happiness, i have come *this* close to seeing
>sloan in the last year and every time, they always played like a few days
>after i left or they played a few hours before i arrived. not this time,
>baby, we'll be there....(oh you can see this one coming from a mile
>away)....with bells on......ugh.....i am lame.
I'm going if it's all ages.  Last year when I graduated from high school our
grad committee could have had Sloan for the band at our dry grad but instead
we got sons of freedom because "sloan...they, like, suck."