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A question if I may...

I sent a message, and I'm not sure if people got it.  I commented on 
Chris' message about the Superfriendz being 3/4 Upper Canadian.  Could 
someone respond back ie.  got it:  didn't get it.  Thanx.

Ashley MacIssac is playing in Guelph tonight on campus.  I didn't buy a 
ticket to this concert cuz it was moved from being in a nice little 
"hall" in the basement of the University Centre to the Athletics Centre 
(AC).  The AC is notorious for poor sound quality, and I would have been 
stuck in the bleachers, and not down on the floor.  I also would not have 
been able to meet him after the concert.  So, I've opted not to go.  
Besides, I'd rather spend my money going to see EC bands like Sloan and 
the Superfriendz and buy their merch.  Say, any thing happening in TO 
soon?  I'm going home on Sunday, and I need distraction...

Later (sorry about the gripe...),

Cat  :)

    "No, it's more of a WAAAAA...  Try it again"  *SMACK*   "WAAAAA!!