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Eric's T-rip-off (copyright Karen 1996)

The Eric's Trip/Orange Glass/Strawberry show in PEI is cancelled.

This brings up a thing that really gets on my, and a lot of people in 
PEI's, nerves.  A lot of people always complain about bands not going 
here or there or whatever.  If you want to live somewhere where bands 
never go, move here.

Has anyone on the east coast ever noticed how everyone's tours end in 
Halifax?  Well, I have.  I mean, PEI gets overlooked by a lot of 
bands that the kids here want to see.  Let's use Eric's Trip for 
example.  They have played here a grand total of one time for an 
awestriking 3 songs....oh boy.  Using another EC band for drawing 
comparisons, look at Thrush Hermit.  They have been here like 3
times, and they live further away than Eric's Trip.  THe last time 
they came here they drove for like 4 or 5 hours in the middle of 
December with no friggin heater in their bus.  I think I can respect 
a band that is willing to do that before I can respect one who asks 
for a show, has the booking agent bend a rule (ie having a ban on all 
ages and then getting it all ages) to get them here, and then saying 
they don't want to come because their drummer "just doesn't feel like 
it".  Sorry that doesn't cut it with me.

Anyone who was here in the ECMAs remember the no cases?  well, we got 
in a pile of shit because we were given permission by one of the 
people we answer to to have all ages...but the other people decided a 
week before the show that they weren't in to having kids there 
anymore...we got threatened with law-suits for false advertising, and 
we lost a lot of our credibility.  This Eric's Trip show isn't going 
to help.  We just lost funding.  We needed a really good PR event.  
This was it.   This would have helped us ease into a year with no 
money.  Our credibility is shot once again.  Every kid in 
Charlottetown knows about this show and now we have to do damage 
control. I, for one, am pissed off.  Merch Girl is too.  So are a 
lot of people.  

Little Orton Hoggett is playing on the 26th.  they were booked before 
Eric's Trip and they will be playing.  That, in my eyes, is the sign 
of a good band.  That's a band I would book again (pending liking the 
show...but I'm sure they'll be great) Eric's Trip is one I would not. 

Note to bands:  if you want to keep the respect of the general 
public, don't request a show or accept a proposal for a show and then 
back out a week before the show.  It really irks people.  And it's a 
really quick way to burn your bridges.  

(and vicariously, Karen, la fille de Merch)