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Re: 10lbs

>i can understand the lyrics to all the other super friendz songs 
>except 10lbs.what is he saying? i know some lines but the rest sounds 
>like eriugewuyfguyawgreycufgrhjbarhje.
>can someone post the lyrics?

Oh, common, it ain't THAT bad...  playing it by ear, this is what I 

10 LBS

I thought the radio song was my draw
the more the house bought
the deeper you fall
but you weren't there for brutes or borrowed ties
you were there for your friend
not the one on the rise

I wish we were contemporaries when we went through school
'cause I'd have hung around and walked you home from school

your friend's the actress
don't lose 10 pounds too
'cause you are as pretty as pretty times two
as pretty times two

you take the hiway in and you take it home
and I walk through pattern blocks kinda below
you should never rely on other people's jokes
cause I fill up with pride 
and live my life in the hopes
I live my life in the hopes

but she doesn't come alone
she comes with a friend
and that means you 
you''ll come around
so bells ring and whistles blow
at least I'm alive
at least I'm alive

>just because my breath smells like pop tarts
>it doesn't mean i eat them all day, everyday.

hah!  A likely story...  but I don't believe it for one second!