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Fans From Hell

so i'm reading the april issue of iMPACT, the eric's trip/kyle shaw story,
and after i read it for third time, i start looking at the photos that
accompany it. they're taken by catherine stockhausen but the really funny
thing is, if you look just a tiny bit more carefully than you'd normally
look at a photo, you can see sloan net old timers shant pelley and adam
rodenhiser videotaping chris and rick, respectively. totally hilarious, i
don't think it's possible to go to an eric's trip, sloan, thrush hermit,
etc. show in the maritimes (or montreal, buffalo, etc.) without seeing
shant, adam, or katrina taping (video and audio) the event for posterity.
the official halifax indie scene archivers have a homepage set up, i
think, too. if you ask them nicely, sometimes they make copies of shows
for you. :) :)

who sorta misses them

Joe Chan is the big boss of alternative music.