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Winnipeg bands touring plus relevant content

	All you listers in southern Ontario might just want to take a
night off from studying for finals and go check out a couple of Winnipeg's
best bands, Cheerleader and the Bonaduces, who are going to be out your
way until early May (well, late April, actually, but the rhyme was too
nice to spoil). Go, if only to see Mike Koop jump really high while he
plays, watch how happy Dan from Cheerleader is when he drums, or to gain
an understanding of why I maintain the Bonaduces' "We Never Close" is the
greatest song ever written. My point is, I can't think of two bands I
would recommend more highly than these two. Plus they're terribly
amicable, so go chat with them after their sets - maybe at the merch
table, while you buy one of their keen 7"s or T-shirts or tapes (have I
mentioned lately how _amazing_ the Bonaduces' tape is?).
	For all you fans of the now defunct Banned From Atlantis, the
Bonaduces is Doug's (the acoustic guitarist) new band. I don't know the
dates, but I imagine they'll be in Toronto, Hamilton, London and whatever
other largish cities bands usually play in. Check your local listings. If
you do end up going, I'd love to hear your opinions. 

	Oh yeah, list-related content: Ummm, say someone was thinking of
visiting Halifax, but didn't know when stuff goes on there. Is there any
particular time of the summer when really good, interesting, recommendable
stuff happens in there? Any stuff at all - music (well, that's all the
time, I know), theatre, film, dance, whatever. Please, help me out and
give me some ideas. I don't need big, tourbook-sized descriptions of the
Citadel, etc... - just something short. For example, if anyone wanted to
visit Winnipeg in the summer, without hesitation I would recommend July
12-22, which is the time of the Fringe Festival (come on the weekend
before and you can go to the Folk Festival, too!). That's what I'm after,
and if anyone can throw any suggestions my way, I'd appreciate it
beaucoup. Oh, I guess private e-mail is better, or something. Thanks