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upcoming shows

Here's a listing of the upcoming shows in PEI:

Friday March 26:  Little Orton Hoggett
                  Good Guy Eddie
Saturday March 27:  Eric's Trip 
                    Orange Glass
Both shows are at the Barn.  Both shows are all ages.

You can also catch Strawberry every Thrursday at the Island Rock 
Cafe, and on the 27th there is also a show at the Arts Guild with 
Supercar, Bleek, System Shit and a few other bands who's names escape 
me at the moment.  

Strawberry is going to be touring in a few weeks time, so look out 
for them in a venue near you.

Sometime after these shows, the Arts Guild is shutting down and CIMN 
will have no money so the Island will be pretty much devoid of good 
shows.  The two shows at the Barn will potentially help raise money 
for our faltering station, so if you can, come.