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Re: transcript: SLOAN profile from *Ear To The Ground* CBC

>On 18 Apr 96 at 12:54, KRAWLINES\!/Upei.CA wrote:
>}    That transcript was hillarious...
>}    Do you know if there is any way to get the video of it, via CBC 
>}or otherwise?
>No, I don't.  Does anybody out there happen to have a copy?

I was at the taping of the original show, which I believe was Sloan's first
time to Toronto.  Apparently (and die-hard Sloan fans, please forgive
me...), CBC thought it was so horrible that they barely showed live footage
at all.  And we're talking about a show that was usually all-live footage.
I believe they also had to re-film some stuff so that they could play
recorded tracks over the scenes.  I must admit that the show was pretty
rank, but it had a great vibe.  Brendan from hHead borrowed Chris' bass and
pummelled it into submission during their opening set.  I could just image
Chris standing side-stage, worried.  When Sloan hit the stage the crowd was
pretty ansy.  The response wasn't very good after a few songs.  At the end
of the show, Chris climbed off the stage via the standing bar-rails off to
the side (excuse my description, but those of you who have ever been to
Lee's Palace will know what I'm talking about), walked past the crowd like a
tightrope walker, and went to the back to play pinball while the other guys
continued on.  I remember thinking to myself that that was "pretty bratty,
but cool".  Another useless tidbit: Wendy Mesley was there, but I think
that's only because she was sleeping with one of the producers.

Anyways...what the hell was this about...oh, yeah...the video...

I believe I actually have a copy of this somewhere.  I'd have to look
through my video collection as it's kind of old.  Hopefully my
bandmates/roommates didn't tape over it. If I do happen to find it I'm
completely willing to copy it for people as long as you send me a tape. And
for those of you (you know who you are) who didn't show me much respect and
found it necessary to mouth off, especially my Private e-mail "buddies", I'm
willing to put that behind us...are you?