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KISS Press Conference / Tour Dates (NP) (fwd)

i know this is *not* east coast content, but i figure there might be a 
few people interested in this...
there are a few closet kiss fans out there ;)

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Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 20:47:44 -0300
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Subject: KISS Press Conference / Tour Dates (NP)

Hey all!  I just got back from the KISS Reunion press conference in NYC, and
I thought I'd share the scoop:

A new live album in June, comprised of unreleased archival tracks from Alive
I and II !!!!!!!

All the KISS catalog digitally remastered with exact original packaging (the
"Love Guns," the pull-out posters, everything!!!) released in a series,
beginning this summer.

The new studio album (with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick) is finished, but
shelved indefinitely.  ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!

Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter looked absolutely stunning and larger than life.
 After standing on 12th Ave for nearly three hours in the rain, I got what
I've been waiting for since I was a kid.  The Grammys were a tease; it's now
totally official.

Sorry for the non-Posies post, but I thought at least some of you would want
to know this.