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Work Visas

> psss.  Jay ferguson says murder bands don't come down to play around here
> because it's tough to get _Work visas_  or something!? Do you really have to
> get these things to play in other countries?

Well.. why not ask the STATE CHAMPS what they had to go through just so 
they could play one American show.. I tells ya, it's almost not worth the 
hassle. I can see why bands don't like crossing the border too often. 

On the Erics Trip Tab Tip.. _this is not an insult_ but, is it really 
necessary to use tab so you can play an Erics Trip song? It's not like they 
are really complex and in bizzare modes or anything, just straight ahead 
rock. Heck, Sloan figured out how the hell to play a few songs and they 
are just a bunch of girls who learned their instruments so they could "be 
in a band" like their boyfriends.

Lookin' down the barrel of a gun,

PS: I hear that tonite at Nascad there will be a film screening featuring 
the work of none other than Mr. Jon Dacey.. be there or be sick.