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Sloan word play

>	While we're on the subject of sloan wordplay, here are a few of 
>my favorites:
>1) "I'm glad I didn't hold my breath, I'm already so blue."  Stood Up
>2) "M.I.S.S. I assess the situation, differently."  Median Strip
>(I think that's how they go!)

Sloan has some pretty cool lyrics.  I like how they'll sometimes
change context like this chunk of "Lucky for Me":

"I'm sure that someone's dying to tell me
 even if it isn't you 
 but if you want to I'm all ears 
 that's why I grow my hair so long"

The "I'm all ears" is figurative, but the line following it treats it as 
if it was literal -- actually pretty hilarious.

Another all-time favorite is the unnatural 'sentence' breaks.  This is 
best seen in "Sleepover":

"Think that I could stay with you?
 I realize it's after two
 in the morning but I need
 to put my head down and to feed
 my empty belly but don't you worry
 it's been awhile now
 I'm in no hurry"

Which, incidentally, is my fav Sloan song...  

best be off