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E.T.H. questions

	While we're on the subject of sloan wordplay, here are a few of 
my favorites:
1) "I'm glad I didn't hold my breath, I'm already so blue."  Stood Up
2) "M.I.S.S. I assess the situation, differently."  Median Strip
(I think that's how they go!)
Anyways, I have a question about Elevator to Hell.  In the current issue 
of Exclaim magazine, they had a E.T.H gig review, and it said that they 
played material from their 'forthcoming Subpop E.P."  and in the 
Stareoscopic scary show it says that their is an Elevator to Hell 
release called Part Three.  Does anyone know anything about these 
Lastly, a local radio station played My Room recently, and after the 
song the D.J. said something like "the band (E.T.) is going on tour one 
last time, then they are breaking up for good."  huh?  What does he know