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While I'm at this funeral, Eric's Trip's in New York

Hey, for all you EC fans down south, I noticed Eric's Trip is Playing 
Brownie's in NYC May 7th!

P.S.	Someone mentioned cheap Sloan a while back - I recently picked up 
Twice Removed on cd for $1 from an eggcrate on St. Mark's Place.  I'm pretty 
sure there were other copies, too...

P.P.S. On Tue, 16 Apr 1996 cklutz\!/buffnet.net wrote:
> >     Hmmm. . . I wonder if Chris INTENDED this to be a pun?  I've never known 
> >sloan to use word play before. . .   
> >
> not to nit pick, but in Median Strip they say, "....came for you to be Glenn
> close to me......."  
> hows that one?

	Gee, didn't anyone else pick up a hint of sarcasm in Mr. Religion's 
post.  Sloan is all about word play.  He even used an internal rhyme 
(known sloan).  What a punk!