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thrush hermit

For starters, I know thrush hermit is signed to a label, and everything 
is just groovy with them, so to make it clear THIS IS NOT A RUMOUR, its 
just something that happened.

Anyway to the point.  On New Years Eve, Thrush Hermit played at Birdland 
and I managed to grab a set list and got the band to sign it.  Well, 
right beside the song 1991, Ian wrote 1991-1996, Thrush Hermit RIP.  
Anyone know what this would mean?  Change in sound?  Change in line up?  
Change in name?  Move to the *big time*?  From the coast article, it 
doesn't sound like any of these, (well maybe *big time*).  Or was Ian 
just in a particularily *festive* mood?  His scrawl is a bit shaky.

let me know, if you know.