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Re: cbh&sloan on cbc

>and i heard "too much kathleen" by cool blue halo
>for the first time.  and boy is it good.  there's
>something strangely comforting about how, years
>since they started, cbh are still writing these
>poppy songs about crushes on girls.  :-)  i know,
>"too much kathleen in my system", kind of a bad pun
>but sometimes cheesy puns work incredibly well in
>pop songs (cf. sloan) and that's definitely the case
>here.  and yes, very beatles.  i like.  i think
>melissa buote was the person who requested that the
>show play it, am i right?

        Cool Blue Halo rocked the barn's ass on Saturday, they totally blew
me away, Strawberry were really good (the last few songs they played were
totally amazing, and Madhat were good (it was nice getting a song dedicated
to you;), but Cool Blue Halo were amazing, Sweetie Said was great and I
really liked "Too Much Kathleen" it should be a cool video, painted nails,
makeup and all.  And I thought the pun was amazing :)  It was a fun show,
thank god for my brother's medicare card.
        Can't wait until eric's trip


ps karen when are you going to send me those posters
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