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While I'm at this funeral, you're in New York


     As this is my inaugural post to sloan net, I thought I'd share an
interesting story. . . 

     On June 15, 1993, sloan played the Limelight club in NYC.  The set
featured great renditions of "Sugartune," "I Am The Cancer," and "500 Up," as
well as a pre-Twice Removed "Coax Me."  During "Underwhelmed," Chris Murphy
began running around the stage, climbing staircases to different levels of the
club (The Limelight is a converted church.)
     After "Underwhelmed," Chris offered a segue to the next song, "Take It
In."  "All right," he said, "It's time to put away the alienation and get on
with the fascination."  Most of the crowd probably perceived this as a simple
transition, mentioning the subject matter of the two songs. Anyone familiar 
with Rush, however, knows this line from their song, "Limelight." 
     Hmmm. . . I wonder if Chris INTENDED this to be a pun?  I've never known 
sloan to use word play before. . .   

Yr friend in sloan,

Rob Hill