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Re: While I'm at this funeral, you're in New York

On 16 Apr 96 at 16:53, RHILL2\!/vaxc.hofstra.edu wrote:

}     After "Underwhelmed," Chris offered a segue to the next song, "Take It
}In."  "All right," he said, "It's time to put away the alienation and get on
}with the fascination."  Most of the crowd probably perceived this as a simple
}transition, mentioning the subject matter of the two songs. Anyone familiar 
}with Rush, however, knows this line from their song, "Limelight." 
}     Hmmm. . . I wonder if Chris INTENDED this to be a pun?  I've never known 
}sloan to use word play before. . .   

I think this was quite brilliant on Chris' part.  However, I think 
most of the crowd would either get the Rush reference or just go 
"Huh?" rather than analyse it as you have.  

Sloan not use word play?  Read the underwhelmed lyrics.