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Barney, thanks for inquiring about My Pet Genius...

You've been the only warm light I've felt on an otherwise cold shoulder.
Thanks for inquiring about My Pet Genius.  Our the new disc, Might Strike
Satellite, just came out and plans for a tour are in the works.  However,
we're not touring eastern Canada as of yet.  Our summer plans include a tour
of Europe in July which will hopefully go off without a hitch.  I think the
closest we'll get to your neck of the woods is Ottawa sometime in June and
that's not even close.  Keep checking out our web page
(http://www.io.org/~mpg).  Something's bound to come up.  Also, listen for
the debut on Realtime.  Should be happening shortly. If you're interested in
getting a copy, send $7.00 to:

Squeek Records
p.o. box 544
Station "P"
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2T1

and thanks again...Geneyus.