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Re:Asians and indie rock

I'm sorry for the tangential nature here.

On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, geneyus wrote:

> What the hell difference does it make?  I'm sure
> Drew , the girl from cub, your cousins, and any other person of the oriental
> persuasion are sick to death of people putting a multi-cultural bent on
> them. It probably doesn't make a lick of difference to them or their music.

Oh-tay. I think that the difference it makes is one of feeling accepted 
in society. I guess that I can only speak from my personal experience, 
but i definately appreciate seeing people who look similar to half (or 
all) of my heritage in the mass media. Feeling like a visible minority 
is only aggravated by having absolutely no representation in the media. 
So when i see people who have asian ancestry in bands, i applaud that, 
but i don't covet them or anything. 

> Being oriental has nothing to do with making music.  Coincidentally, it
> also has nothing to do with ability or what kind of music you listen to.

No, but i think that when a person's appearance has a little to do with 
their profession, what they look like does matter.

lisa c-w.