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Re: new murder full length

Neal et al.,
           The  Richard Davies LP is a sparse pop album along the 
lines of " ..the Phil Spector induced sounds of Let It Be, Hunky Dory 
-era Bowie,late 60's Bee Gees and The Kinks." (straight from the 
bio,dudes.) This is an LP that we are licensing from a label called 
Flydaddy  in Seattle. Richard is from Australia and was involved in 2 
other seminal \ obscure bands...The Moles (who released a handful of 
Lps and singles in Oz and the UK as well as their final LP Instinct 
on Flydaddy) and the record that received the most underground 
attention, the self titled Cardinal LP which was collaboration with 
Eric Matthews (who released his debut solo LP on Sub Pop last fall). 
The Cardinal record is very lush in its production but Richard's LP 
is a bit more sparse (more acoustic guitar, piano,tambourine and 
trumpet) but no less gorgeous. Fans of Nick Drake and Syd 
Barrett,aside from the forementioned influences, will probably dig 
this record too.
    I saw Richard Davies play last September at the CMJ conference in 
NYC and his backing band was The Flaming Lips. It totaly blew me 
away. Apparently he has only played a couple of shows over the past 
few years. He's gonna tour for this record, though no Canadian dates 
    I know this doesn't really have any east coast content, but I
just wanted to let some folks know about this awesome record that we 
here at murder have the good fortune to release.( It's also gonna be 
available on super heavy ass vinyl with a beatiful gatefold sleeve!)
                Jay F.

Date:          Mon, 15 Apr 1996 18:13:05 -0600
From:          nmaher\!/gpu.srv.ualberta.ca (Neal Maher)
Subject:       new murder full length
To:            jrcovey+sloan\!/ac.dal.ca

I've got a guestion for all you little guys here in my computer:
what is the richard davies album like?
I have yet to hear anything about him/them.

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